Soffit & Fascia

Klauer Classic aluminum soffit and rain carrying systems are precision engineered with more free air space for maximum energy saving ventilation. Installation is easy for a complete maintenance free soffit system. Complimenting fascia and trim accessories along with gutter products color matched for the complete soffit system. Durable and tough while still being a friend to the environment. No more maintenance. No more worries.

Klauer Classic Aluminum finish provides excellent long-term gloss retention and corrosion protection in severe environments. The Klauer Classic Aluminum Series is formulated with a proprietary high-durability resin for resistance to chalking, fading, and contains high-quality exterior grade and ceramic pigmentation to provide superior color stability.

Its long-term exterior-weathering performance makes Klauer Classic Aluminum your cost-effective choice for residential and light commercial applications. It is ideal for use on all building components, especially soffit and rain-carrying systems. Klauer Classic Aluminum coating features a special stain-resistant resin that also improves scratch and metal-marking resistance.

  • complete¬†soffit fascia and rain carrying system
  • maintenance-free
  • durable aluminum
  • precision engineered with more free air space for maximum energy saving ventilation
  • premium exterior coil-coating system carries a limited-lifetime warranty
  • 40-year warranty
  • energy efficient
  • adds beauty and value to any home
  • vast selection of colors to match or contrast
  • easy installation


Solid Soffit
Solid Soffit
Full-vent Soffit
Full-vent Soffit
Center-vent Soffit
Center-vent Soffit

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